24k Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how much money can i get for a 16inch 24k gold necklace?

its in pretty good condition. and when i took it to a jeweler today they gave it back to me. i didnt ask them why they wouldnt take it. but i looked up 24k gold jewelry and it said that its the most purest gold. sooo idk. does nebody know where i can sell it, b/c i dont where it.

where can i weigh it? or how do i weigh it?

Best Answer...


it is probably worth more in the gold in it then as jewelry gold is selling at 928.80 at the closing of the market today so for every troy oz you have is worth 928.80 and 24k is 100% pure gold.

when you weigh you gold you will have to look up a converter a troy oz and a normal oz are not the same thing.