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Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats the difference between 8.5 base curve and 8.4 BC?I have BC 8.5 but Acuvue uses 8.4,can I get them?

Will it do anything to my eyes?

Best Answer...


Base cure just refers to the "tightness" of the lens. 8.4 is tighter than 8.5. The real problem is that you shouldn't get anything that wasn't prescribed for you because different lens types are apples and oranges. If an Acvue 8.4 fits you tight than an Acuvue 8.8 will probably be just right, but it doesn't mean that a Proclear or Freshlook or anything else will fit well based on the base curve. Each lens is a slightly different plastic polymer and may have a different cut. Often times using unprescribed lenses result in ulcers or other fit issues. You can ask your prescribing provider if they feel like the lenses are equivalent (assuming it hasn't expired), but generally every different lens type must be fit separately.