Alexanders Father

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The Alexanders: Father vs Son

Frequently Asked Questions...

how does this idea for a m*a*s*h modern spinoff sound?

place of war: iraq
era: 21st century (2003)
hawkeye: jim carrey
trapper: will ferrell
b.j. hunnicut: jeff daniels
radar: tobey maguire
frank burns: bill murray
hot lips houlihan: courtney cox
sidney freedman: jerry seindeld
klinger: tony shalhoub
lt. col. blake: dick van dyke.
col. potter: george carlin
charles e. winchester III: jason alexander
father francis j. P. mulcahy: john leguizamo
the cast could all be together, henry turns up alive in canada in the pilot.
col. potter becomes his superior. frank returns, so does trapper. radar comes back. freedman is now a regular cast member. b.j. hawkeye and trapper all pull their pranks together.
how many seasons do you think it would last?
please answer.
it would be that instead of them having been in the korean war they would have starteed out in the iraq war.

Best Answer...


sounds ok.
But we have our very own Radar in the town.