Ancient Century

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Ancient CenturyReligious Relics & PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal"s Verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Don't you find it stupid how people use the Bible and other religious texts as a guide to life?

Sweet Jesus, a few people referred to the Bible for this question about whether eating meat is wrong!

People, get real! The Bible is like thousands of years old, and there were no mentally-ill vegans back then, just people who ate whatever they could find!

Don't you think it's dangerous for people to take ancient, centuries old religious texts seriously? I think there's plenty of proof that there is...

Best Answer...


No, that's why it's there. The Bible is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. If everybody would go by it, the way it is intended; we would have a much better world.

The manual for your car or anything else may have been written awhile back, but it is still applicable. It is your Guidebook.