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Frequently Asked Questions...

What to do with personal beads for grandparents' anniversary present?

My grandparents anniversary is coming up, and I have gathered beads that represent or remind me of each of the grandchildren. Now the question is, what do I do with them? I had thought I might make a necklace (my grandmother loves stuff like that), but then what about my grandfather? So the question is: What can I make, using beads, that would be a good present for my grandparents' anniversary?

Best Answer...


not sure how many beads but you can make a beaded night light for them for a hallway or bathroom and they'd be sure to think of you often as a constant reminder.

lamp or fan pulls
beaded wind chimes
magnet frame for fridge
beads add nice trim to socks, scarves knitted bags mitts, curtains
I've also seen small beaded lamps
light switch cover
pillow fridge

Good luck with whichever you choose
lots of creativity with beads for sure