Bronze Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions...

TEACHERS PLEASE HELP ...Do you know where can I find a catalog of photos of Authentic Monogramed Bronze Rings?

I purchased the bronze ring years ago and recently came across it still in it's pouch.
I Love it but would like to verify local of origin.
I paid 100,00 or so for it at the time & It could be Phonetian but the Greek style of alphabet is printed clearly on its face, (( an"E" )), but blocked almost. The surface is blue green aged bronze with an oval style smooth disk top or face.
It is large, A Mans ring I suspect. Perhaps a size 10 or 11 even.
I've looked online everywhere and seen simular rings but NOTHING exact or with this alphabet style and now I need help to continue my search.
I have been told it is circa 500 AD.
Can anyone help me find more photos of "AUTHENTIC" pieces?
Maybe a URL of a credited photo database?
It's lovely & I want to know where it comes from as best as is possible.
I wish I knew why I feel so drawn to it each time I take it out?

Thank you for your help and please dont waste my time with crank replies. Serious replies appreciated!!!

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many interesting links that may take you where you need to go