Cent Bc

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1st Cent.BC Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.

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Ok so i want a american girl now she is 100 dollars me and my mom made a deal if i get All a's and b's on my?

report card then i can get her and i mite get one for my bday wich is July 18 in 6 mnths! I been saving up and i have envlope that says American Girl Money then a heart right now i have 3 cents bc i jus started how can i engouarge my mom to give me one sooner the June and b4 my birthday and how can i get more money Btw i am 9!
@SamnthaForever how did u get money for them they are 100 dollars now! and kool maybe we can chat or email :) about AG dolls i wanna sleep with mine to if and when i get her

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I thank that's great keep up the good work...