Great Statue

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David Copperfield - Vanishing the Statue of Liberty

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What Great wonders lie in Sub-Saharan Africa???

For Example:the Great Wall of China,The pyramids of Ancient Mexico,Guatamala & Peru,Angkor Watt in Cambodia,the Taj Majal & many more in IndiaCastles all over Europe,The Parthenon in Greece,Popeii in Italy,The Collisiem in Rome,Stonehenge in England,Great Statues of Easter Island.Who were the Ancient Egyptians???Most Modern Day Egyptians are Arabs(except in the south of Egypt).What great Wonders lie in Sub Saharan Africa???

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Somehow I think this question should be over in C&G. One more thing before I never answer another of your questions ...just because you can't afford to travel to Africa like the untold millions of Americans and Europeans (since tourism is the highest grossing industry in most African including my own...Kenya)...does not mean that there is nothing's all documented in the travel section at BN. Also, be it known that your ancestors believed, and with some conviction I might add, that Africans themselves were a "wonder of the world" of sorts and thus forced untold millions of them to help them build a society atop an existing society in the "new world".