Greek Coin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Mysterious Ancient Greek Coin?

I inherited some of my Aunts possessions when she passed away, may she rest peacefully, and I had gotten something from here antique collection, from one of here trips around the world. It's authentic ancient Greek coin. I'm not 100% sure if it's Greek, but it looks it, and on the case that holds it, it reads the letters, "Lambda Epsilon Epsilon Beta Omicron Upsilon." The coin has what appears to be two goats facing each other, face to face, with a twin in between/on top. Can you please help me figure out it's origin?

Best Answer...


If you're not even sure it's Greek, how can you be sure it's authentic?

If the second 'Epsilon' is in fact a Sigma, it comes from Lesbos, the modern Lesvos, but I can't find any Lesbian soin that fits your description.

(The funny thing is that a woman who goes for other women is named after a Greek island, not the other way round.)

In any case you need to include a photo.