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Frequently Asked Questions...

When did Gorgo die?

In our Social Studies class, we were assigned to research a few famous Greek figures, and I chose Gorgo. We are assigned to write a paper upon him or her. When did Gorgo, queen of Sparta, wife of Leonidas die? (Leonidas was born about 540-520 B.C. and died in 480B.C.) I am googling the search and cannot find any information, nor any guess, about her death date. Some clues are that she married Leonidas in her early teens; was daughter to Cleomenes I, who was born 520 B.C. and died in 490 B.C. She bore one son, Pleistarchus, who ruled from 480-458 BC when his father died. However, her son was a minor at his father's death, thus Pausanias (r. 480-479 BC) acted as his regent until Pleistarchus was old enough to rule. Also, what does "(fl. 480 BC)" mean, in Wikipedia? I searched up Gorgo and the above appeared next to her name. Can anybody help me put the pieces together, so to speak, or point me to a site with a guess about her death? Thanks to all answers! :)

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Little is known about Gorgo and her exact date of her death is unknown.