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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the dangers of shaking your head every day after a shower?

Every morning I have started this habit of shaking my head vigorously to untangle my hair and dry it off a bit. I notice that sometimes this gives me a head ache, but now today I have this really sickening head ache ever since I got out of the bath this morning.

What are the possible dangers?

It's late at night and I just watched a morbid murder documentary along with reading some pretty disturbing stories and I'm feeling paranoid. On top of that I have a nauseous head ache.

Best Answer...


Shaken GG Syndrome, self-inflicted of course.
Prevention: Creme Rinse, to detangle, towel dry, and wide tooth comb, combing ends first.
Headaches come from a number of things...easily treatable, dehydration....drink, low blood sugar.....eat, fatigue....sleep, eye strain....rest your eyes/glasses, stress...How do you spell relief?
When you have a headache, it's best to decrease the stimuli, back off the TV, computer and even reading...rest your eyes and your brain. Get some sleep GG.