Painted Pot

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Frequently Asked Questions...

whats this black spot in my new Mac paint pot?

i ordered it online n had it shipped to me.

when i opened the paint pot there was this black spot inside.

It was small though. a black dot. but it was the first thing i noticed when opening.

it was on the product.

i was going to return it but i dropped the cap & my fingernail hit the cream & put a dent in it so now i cant.

Best Answer...


What color Paint Pot did your order? Do you know if the product was previously opened before being shipped? Was the black dot just on the surface or was it deep into the Paint Pot product? Did you buy it from the MAC Cosmetics website? I'll assume you purchased the product from the MAC website.

If it's really a problem for you, I suggest contacting the MAC website via Customer Service. Ask them what the black dot could possibly be. If you do not want the product anymore, ask if a return is possible. You can try to smooth out the dent left in the makeup, if it isn't too noticeable. If the product cannot re-sold because of the black dot, the small dent may not even be a problem.