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Logic Puzzle Anyone?

12pts to first person to answer CORRECTLY.
i love these things.

Pamela, Dorothy, Rita, Eunice, and Bernice are each taking an art course and a foreign language course. The art courses are painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, and graphics. The foreign languages are French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Hindi. From the clues given, try to determine the art course and the language course each woman is taking.

1. The woman taking sculpture is not taking Italian.
2.Bernice and Pamela do not study Hindi, but one takes pottery, and the other takes French.
3. The woman studying Italian is not Dorothy or Eunice and she is also not the woman taking drawing or pottery.
4. Dorothy does not study German.
5. Bernice, Dorothy, and Eunice drive to class together on Thursday night. In no particular order, one of these women takes graphics, one takes German, and the other takes pottery.

Happy solving = ]

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