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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are some ideas for a good anniversary speech?

My parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on September 24th. My sisters and I are putting on a surprise party for them on the 20th. My older sister just informed me that I will need to give a speech honoring my parents. What should a 16 year old boy say about his parents on their anniversary? I mean, its not like i was at their wedding! Any ideas?

Best Answer...


If you are giving THE speech, then make it about your parents. Find out from aunt, uncles, grandparents, or friends how they met, dated, etc., and also what their early years of marriage were like. Like a newscaster, you'll just read the script, even though you weren't actually there.

If your speech is just one of many given by various siblings, then keep it short - a minute or two is plenty - and just talk about your memories of them as parents.