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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to dress a big bust for work?

I'm trying to find some nice, plain white shirts to go with smart tailored slacks for work. I have a big bust (38DD), but my waist is small (I wear size 12 - 14 trousers). Whatever shirt or jacket I wear billows out like a tent, and doesn't define my waist at all.
Does anyone have any suggestions for not looking like a balloon?
Thanks in advance!

Best Answer...


If you wear a billowy shirt, buy a couple of cute belts and fasten them around your waist over the shirt. You could pair a purple-y maroon shirt with a yellow belt and black trousers. You could even match you accessories with the yellow belt by adding yellow ballet flats or yellow earrings.

The shirts from forever21 that are posted above would just flow over your boobs ad make you look fat, not accenting your waist at all.

This would be a good look:
This under


This over


Or you could try this look:
This under


This over


And for a bit more casual look
This unbuttoned or buttoned


This under


This over