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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this milatary pin real?

I bought a flying cross medal from an old lady who's son was in the army. It looks real and I don't think an old lady would lie about that. The pin looks like this!B-L7Kmw!2k~$%28KGrHqF,!hMEzetyBM+IBM7+ow73sw~~_35.JPG

I have been told real ones look like this

Is that true? Is my pin fake?

Best Answer...


It is not a "lapel" pin. It is a "hat" pin. Like medal lapel pins, it is worn as a miniature representation of a medal that has been awarded to a service member, when that member becomes a veteran. And similar to lapel pins, they are not formally covered by service regulations on wear of decorations. Only full-size and miniature medals are regulated for wear in civilian clothes.