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Frequently Asked Questions...

Been looking at house designs. What is the big advantage to having a crawlspace verses nothing or a basement?

Now, with a concrete slab design, you have no room for pipes unless you already have the spaces inlaid. Of course, you could always saw or drill into the slab. A crawspace lets you add as you need to and is much more flexible with mistakes, although it may offer poor support for heavy things above it and last a shorter time than a conventional slab. An entire basement is the best of both worlds if you can afford it. Is there anything else I should really consider?

Best Answer...


I've owned houses that have been configured all three ways and these are my thoughts. In CA, there are few basements due to cave in potential with earthquakes and liquefaction soils. Crawl spaces are a real pain if you need to have work done on your plumbing or electric because there is such small space to work in. Often crawl spaces do not have poured flooring (especially in older houses) which is problematic due to insects and moisture. Slabs are also problematic especially if plumbing was installed through the slab. They are also prone to cracking in earth movement, with invasive tree and bush roots and if not properly installed, with moisture. Basements are great but difficult to insulate and heat. They also often have moisture problems especially when concrete or slump block is used in the construction or when there is improper drainage along the walls.