Madonna Statue

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How long will the lie that Catholics worship Mary persist?

I can understand someones ignorance as from the outside looking in the people kneeling before the Rosary adorned Madonna statue lavished with flowers might seem like worship... but Catholics are adamant that they venerate her as an icon of the faith not a God.

Catholics have a Catechism which strictly forbids idolatry....IT"S AGAINST THE RULES! TO WORSHIP MARY and every Catholic to a man will defend that idea.

In fact, to persist in the teaching that Mary is/was God would be considered heresy....not just now, but through out it's entire history this has been the case. Catholics just plain don't worship Mary...never have... and presumably given the nature of the rate of change in doctrinal beliefs/core dogmatic principles held by the RCC they never will.

Listen Catholics might believe a lot of wacky things but they do not worship Mary.

Will this lie still be believed in 50 yrs from now?

Best Answer...


as long as catholics pray to mary calling her holy and a intercessor for their salvation.

Prayer to Mary Help of Christians

Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin, Help of Christians, we place ourselves under your motherly protection. Throughout the Church's history you have helped Christians in times of trial, temptation and danger. Time and time again, you have proven to be the Refuge of sinners, the Hope of the hopeless, the Consoler of the afflicted, and the Comforter of the dying. We promise to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, your Son, to proclaim His Good News of God's love for all people, and to work for peace and justice in our world. With faith in your intercession, we pray for the Church, for our family and friends, for the poor and abandoned, and all the dying. Grant, O Mary, Help of Christians, the graces of which we stand in need. (Mention your intentions.) May we serve Jesus with fidelity and love until death. Help us and our loved ones to attain the boundless joy of being forever with our Father in heaven. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!


To be recited on May 8 and the first Sunday in October

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is but too true that we, although thy children, are the first who crucify Jesus in our hearts and wound anew thy heart by our sins. We confess it, we deserve the severest chastisements; yet remember how thou didst receive, on the top of Golgotha, the last drops of that divine blood, and the testament of our dying Redeemer. And this testament of a God, sealed with the blood of a Man-God, appointed thee our Mother, the Mother of sinners. Thus, as our Mother, thou art our Advocate and our Hope. To thee, amidst sighs, do we lift up our hands, crying for mercy!

Have pity, good mother, have pity on us, on our souls, on our families, on our relations, on our friends, on our departed brethren, above all, on our enemies, and on so many who claim the name of Christians, yet wound the loving heart of thy Son. Pity, Mother, we now implore thee for pity on the erring nations, on all Europe, on the whole world, that they may repair repentant to thy heart. Be merciful to all, Mother of mercy.

Hail, Queen, Mother of mercy,
- Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, o sacred Virgin.
- Give me strength against thy enemies.
- Pray for us, Queen of the most holy Rosary,
- That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

What does it cost thee, Mary, to hear us? What does it cost thee to save us? Did not Jesus entrust to thy hands all the treasures of his graces and mercies? Thou sittest as Queen at the right hand of thy Son, crowned with immortal glory, above all the choirs of angels. Thou extendest thy dominion as far as the heavens expand; the earth and all the creatures that people it are subject to thee. Thy power even reaches hell, and thou alone, Mary, canst rescue us from the devil's grasp. Thou art almighty by grace, and therefore thou canst save us. Now if you sayest thou willest not help us because we are ungrateful children and unworthy of thy protection, tell us at least to whom shall we have recourse in order to be released from so many evils? Oh! No, thy maternal heart will never bear to see the ruin of thy children. The divine Child we behold on thy knees, the mystical crown we admire in thy hand, both inspire us with hope that we will be heard. And full of confidence in thee, we throw ourselves at thy feet, we trust ourselves as feeble children into the arms of the tenderest amongst mothers, and today, this very day, we expect from thee the graces we are longing for.