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Moonspell - Magdalene

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it possible that Mary Magdalene was secretly married to Jesus of Nazareth, and that she bore his children?

I read about this online. Any possibility it might be true?
Could there be descendants of Jesus Christ alive today?

Best Answer...


I think its possible. Jesus was literate, so he was probably a priest. All pharisees were married and part of the criteria then for being a Jewish messiah was that the person was married. The Jews did not see him as a messiah because he did not deliver them from the Roman government, he died at a young age (a messiah was to live to be old) and they did not see how is message related to them. Paul was the one who was not married and felt that a celibate life was holy. I personally think abstinence can breed perversion. If they had any female children, the dna would have survived, but the y chromosome does not copy over as well.