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What does man call the energy called that keeps everything moving and working together in the universe?

What does man call the energy called that keeps everything moving and working in the universe? I was thinking that if everything wonderful comes from the ideas of nature, what inventions has man made based on studying the energies of the universe?

Best Answer...


It's gravitational potential energy. Despite what might be taught in high school there actually isn't any matter in the sense that it's a system of building blocks. Particles themselves are described in higher physics as being zero point, meaning they have no dimension and therefore no volume. They consist, however, of a gravitational field which behaves in such a way that particles look like building blocks: it's defined and it has properties towards other particles.
This field of gravity expresses energy to create matter, light all kinds of effects, but since the particle itself does not exist in the way a high school book would describe it, there is basically no energy of strongforce, this is just more gravitational potential energy caused on a subatomic level (you could say that strongforce is also a measure of gravity since it is also the result of attraction through forces, though we do know more about strongforce than gravity, because the cause of gravity has not yet been defined until date).
Also what you need to understand is that the universe doesn't work in a way as a machine does. It's not a bunch of cogs that keep running because of some power, no it's a lot more abstract than that. Since the universe is finite (that includes the concepts of space and time) and there is no measure for what is beyond it, the universe does not only work on gravitational potential energy (from which, as just described, all other energies can be deducted to work in the same way, but just on a different scale and which different definitions to serve the situation), our universe also works on the expansion of space and time themselves. This is something that does beyond the understanding of basic energy and begins to pass into the realms of mathematical philosophy and the laws of randomness prinicples.