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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I make a rectangular planter for my house?

I'm trying to make a low,long rectangular planter to put dried bamboo or dried branches in, to divide my living room from my kitchen. I don't want to use floor vases because they would be too bulky. I'm assuming I'm going to have to use cement so that the stick can actually stand...I'm just new to the whole DIY thing, and especially to using cement so I could use some tips.

Best Answer...


== you can decide your planter box size and go to the hardware giants and they will cut the wood to size for you === using a 1X12 is going to be the best option and wood glue and small nails or drywall screws (( drill pilot holes for screws)) and use plaster of paris for the ""concrete"" ... plaster of paris will work better for you and you might use some rocks or gravel as bottom filler ... go 4 it ..