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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best solid diet for a rainbow lorikeet?

We have a 7 year old rainbow lorikeet, she is on a nectar diet, some pellets for rainbows and fresh fruit and vegetables, I want to know a healthier solid diet I can put her on to avoid the mess they make?

Best Answer...


Harrison's Pellets are the best. Even the famous African Grey, Alex, is fed Harrisons's. It is a high quality pelleted food and has little waste involved if fed by the instructions. The staff is friendly and is available by phone to answer questions. It is organic, as all bird foods should be, since they are highly sensitive to pesticides. Good Luck with your Lorikeet.

The below info is from the Harrison's web site, which I also listed below.

How to Keep Your Lorie Healthy, Happy and Safe!
Give lots of attention. Feed a fresh, high quality, pesticide-free diet formulated, like Harrison's Fine Grind products and add a little sweetner specifically for lories. Limit supplementation to pesticide-free fruits or vegetables.Do not offer a source of grit. Provide clean, fresh, uncontaminated water (try using water bottles). Remove and replace food and water containers twice daily to maximize activity in a healthy bird. Provide clean water for bathing.