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Silver Flag Hillclimb, Italy - Abarth / Fiat featured

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is USA basketball finally back on top bragging rights internationally?

2004 olympics we were bronze to gold argentina and silver italy
2006 fiba again we were third to 1st place spain and 2nd place greece

finally now, after 2008 redeem team and this 2010 team of players that arent even the best US players, USA basketball are the reigning olympic and FIBA basketball champs
i felt horrible seeing us get bronze in 04 and 3rd place in 06. great to see gold and first place again

Best Answer...


USA is easily the best basketball country
there are other teams like Argentina and turkey that are a competition to the USA team this year they are most likely going to win fiba this year
in my opinion the only reason they got bronze in 2004 was because the team was not well made.