Silver Virgin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

can anyone tell me what video senders are compatable with -?

virgin media boxes
i have just purchased

but it does not seem to work very well picture and sound perfect !!!!!
but wont changed the channel in the bedroom where the receiver is .
i have the silver virgin remote
not sure what the box is it sayin pace on one side of the box and virgin media v on they other.
please help !
i have moved the ir eye around loads to and that isnt making a difference i have been looking this product up on the net but some people can and some people cant change chanels why ? !!

Best Answer...


The transmitter will only send the same channel to the receiver that is on the virgin media box. To get an independent choice of channels in the bedroom you need another virgin media box or some other stand alone box, ie freeview or freesat box.