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Frequently Asked Questions...

i want to convert to christian to get into St.Stephen's College,University Of Delhi.?

i am hindu and would like to change my religion as it is fundamental right in constitution as getting admission admission in to university of delhi is a tough nut to crack i want to know by conversion can i fetch admission at university of delhi st.stephen's college there were many categories mentioned they were as follows

Christian Scheduled Tribe

CNI -Church of North India

CNI Delhi Diocese

C-OTH- christian others

i would like to know that church will give me a certificate of conversion if yes they will convert me to which category?
please reply as i want admission.
thanks in advance.

Best Answer...


You want to change your religion for some materialistic reasons? That proves you don’t deserve to be a real man or still a child

Later in life will you barter your parents or others too?

I am very sure Christianity will never welcome people like you, except those who go by heart and faith

Sorry, I wanted to be harsher