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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does a warrant become a Canada wide warrant? And how would you find out if the warrant was Canada wide?

I am just wondering why/how a warrant becomes canada wide, and how you would find out if it was or not?

Best Answer...


In Canada, judges or justices of the peace can direct peace officers within their province to execute warrants in certain situations. The police to whom the warrant is directed (i.e. the provincial police) can then decide the radius of the warrant. Since the expenses for transporting a person on a warrant are paid by the police of the issuing province, the radius is usually only as large as the offence is serious. For minor offences, the warrant may only be a few hundred kilometers. For murder, it will be Canada-wide. Technically, a person can be legally arrested on a warrant anywhere in Canada, but only the issuing provinces' police can execute it (they have to fly to get the arrested person and bring him home).