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24k Coin

Frequently Asked Questions...

Anyone looking to trade a good runescape account for my realllly good dragonfable account with 2 dragon ammys?


Here is the youtube, go to more info for details.

O P.S it has 8k dragon coins, and 24k coins, and necrotic sword of doom

Best Answer...


sure! my runescape account is lvl 68, has all the holiday items for about 2 years. 58 mage i think, 40 range if u wantto make member has 47 hunter, search up my user, its rune quest52, if u think its worth trading email me at christine_hwang24@yahoo.com, if u also like funorb by jagex, i was once a member 2. I think i had all the spells on arcanist.'
it has 82k also. If u think that this is a bad offer then ok. but if u want to sweeten the deal, i know how to hack xp, lvl, cash, and items. plus get a bunch of free things, like dragon amulet. i can tell u the things i use and u can make a bunch of great accounts and trade them for better things. the reason i dont is because im starting to get real bored of it, i hav a lot of lvl 47's with 100k on them. im not giving them away though im helpuing friends