Ancient Cup

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Bettany Hughes on Socrates and 'The Hemlock Cup'

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Yesterday I was exploring the cavern's of a little island I discovered a few months back. Well as I was down there I came upon a little man about two feet tall. This little man called himself Kwanda Una, he told me he has been living in these cave's for hundreds of years, yet he was wearing Nike's. Anyways, Kwanda Una told me I had to leave the cavern's and the Island to a far land to find an ancient cup made of T-Rex bones and Snail hair, he said if I did not find this cup I would be stuck in the cave with him. I have two weeks to find the cup. How do I find a cup made of T-Rex bones and Snail hair? or was Kwanda Una just "yankin my chain"?

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So you brought your laptop with you to the island?

try google.