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Sorelle Simili - How to make Apulian Bread | Fine Dining Lovers by S.Pellegrino

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what do you think about italy?

I'm Italian, I live in Milan. My father is Sicilian but he is born in Tunisia. My mother is half Apulian and half Venetian

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Seriously! The people, the hot chocolates, pizzas, food, fashion, towns, architecture, atmosphere, climate, fruits, mountains, seas, coffees, italian breakfasts....
Italy is beautiful in all possible ways <3 It's such a chillout place, totally LOVE IT.
You're so lucky to be born from such a background, I bet you're fit :P . Not that I'm trying to flirt, but assuming by the people I've met from the countries you've stated, you are very likely a fittie :P LOL ^^