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Frequently Asked Questions...

How did you introduce the cup to your toddler?

My daughter is 20 months and she does drink out of a straw cup/thermos.She also has a cup with a sippy top.I would like to start her on a regular cup.How is the best way to go about it?Thanks.
She does hold a cup very well,but she tips the cup up too fast,spilling everything.

Best Answer...


STart out by holding it with her so she cant tip it up to fast.

My son will be 2 next week, and he wont use anything but a regular cup now. And he did that on is own i gave a regular cup one night with dinner and helped him with it and ever since he wants nothing to do with straws and sippy cups.

At first i was hesitant about giving him a regular cup all the time because he too would tip to fast and spill it or put it down wrong and it would spill. So for the first few days or so i helped him by just holding the bottom to make sure he didnt tip it up fast and had him hand it to me so it wouldnt tip over when he tried to put it down. Then for a few days after that i just sat next to him and watched him with it, made sure he wouldnt fool around with the cup and was drinking it slow enough. Now hes a pro at it and if i even try to help at all he gets mad .