Greek Figure

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Greek Figure Skaters

Frequently Asked Questions...

I'm forging Greek armor, I need design ideas please!?

I have all the materials, tools, and authorization, and im just doing this for fun. I mean engravements on the sheild and otherwise. What Greek figure was feared by pretty much all Greek monsters/heroes, besides Medusa? I was thinking of using The Fates. What other monsters were either realy strong or clever? On the hilt of the sword I have, there are Dracons with apples in their mouths (the golden apple). Should I follow this pattern? Other ideas I have are maybe using symbols of the gods. What are really well known signs of Hades or Ares? Perdix or Daedalus are aso a few figures I like, what could I use for them?
Sorry that was a lot of questions....
Any suggestions are appreciated. thx

Best Answer...


How about you read Book 18, lines 478-608 of Homer's Iliad for the description of Akhilleus' shield?