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Gold plated coins marketed to morons on TV

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Any site where i can sell some antiques?

i would apreciate if someone can tell me where to sell some antiques that i have....cups, bases, plates coins etc etc

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Hi. It depends what you have. ebay is not the answer for valuables, collectors scour the site for bargains and take advantage of people who don't know what they have.
First figure out what you have, who made it, age...then photograph the items.
Some valuable antiques may warrant sale at an auction house. Find the right places to sell and the right buyers for your items
Try consigning at an antique store, some web antique stores take consignments too, we do for some items at
Post classifieds, there are many free antique classified sites.
yahoo classifieds, google base,

Join forums with collectors of what you have and let them know about your classifieds. There are many collectors organizations which have newletters with classifieds and also wanted sections.

If you need more resources or help with researching items we have a free Q&A at
Good Luck!
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