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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should my electives be?

Ok since im going to school i need some elective classes, i love art so im pretty sure thats what i want to do, but these are the classes i have narrowed down. I get to pick TWO.

1.Creative Writing
2.Writing for Film
3. Pottery
4.Fine art with watercolors
6.Acting and Theatre
7. Costume design
8. calligraphy III (ive already taken I and II)
9. Fine Art with acrylic Paint
10. Photography (I already have a nice camera)

thanks for the help! what two classes would you pick??

Best Answer...


creative writing and acting and theater.

No matter what major you do choose for college you are going to need to write well and quickly. Any writing class is going to really help prepare you for college work. the more you do now the easier it will be to adjust to college level work.

acting and theater- any class that gets you up in front of people is going to serve you well and it is a fun class.