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Frequently Asked Questions...

Red or blue FLCL Canti figure?

I am planning on buying a FLCL Canti figure from Kaching Brands as a present for my brother who collects these sort of figures. However, I am unsure of which color (red or blue) Canti figure to get.

Does the color make a difference? Is one color more collectible than the other?

I know in the anime its original color is red... Also, I've noticed that red is a lot more "rare" in terms of finding it for sale online and red figures are also more expensive (the cheapest price I've found for the blue is ~$48.99 and for the red ~$79.99).

Thank you!
*I mean the blue is the original.

Best Answer...


On one hand, the blue one is the most familiar one, but on the other hand, the red one holds more monetary value and is harder to find.

Even if your brother prefers the blue one, I highly doubt he would have any complaints over receiving a rare, expensive collector's item, even if it's red.