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Space Invaders silver rings (Pocket Lint)

Retro-inspired gaming bling

First came the game, then the crisps, the street artists and now… the bling?

Yup, that classic game Space Invaders has inspired a maker to produce sterling
silver rings in the form of those classic aliens that so many of us spent many
hours blasting.

Invaders "Aiko", "Hoshi" and "Yuki" are the three designs available. Fun
though they are, each design doesn't quite match up to any of the Invaders in
our memories. Though the classic shapes do mimic the blocky, 8-bit graphics of
the 1978 Taito original.

With jeweled owls all the rage at the moment, perhaps this slice of retro fun
is the perfect geek alternative to don on your fingers.

Priced at €198, the site estimates an approximate ?135 cost to the UK. But, by
our calculations and in today's poor economy, it's closer to ?160 a piece.

Pricey they might be, but it's a snip compared to Firebox's ?5,500 Space
Invaders sofa…


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