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Coin Archaeology

Ancient coins

16th Century Campaign Archaeology [Aardvarchaeology] (scienceblogs)

My buddy Claes Pettersson is a field archaeologist in Jönköping and always has
a lot of fun projects going. Last year he told me about an undocumented manor
park he had studied through geophysics. Right now he's digging bits of
Jönköping's obliterated castle. And recently he sent me an intriguing little
fieldwork report (available on-line for free). It's a piece of, not exactly
battlefield archaeology, but campaign archaeology, which is rare.

The back story is short and nasty. Sweden fought the Northern Seven Years' War
from 1563 to 1570 against Denmark-Norway, Lübeck and the Polish-Lithuanian
union. The war ended in mutual exhaustion, with nobody gaining any territory -
which was what wars were fought for at the time. So even at the time there was
no way to justify the loss in lives, homes and livelihoods, though the Danes
did get to sell the stronghold of Älvsborg (and Sweden's access to the
Atlantic) back to the Swedes at a steep price.

In the autumn of 1567, Danish general Daniel Rantzau headed a surprise attack
on the then Swedish border province of Småland with an army of about 6000. His
objective was to lay the province ...