Early Bronze

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Early Bronze Age Mace Head Mesopotamia 2500BC 2000BC Ancient Weapon
Early Holy Land Norther Culture Painted Bronze Age Cup Circa 3100 2900 BC w COA
Rare Holy Land Early Bronze Age Pottery Bowl Red Painted Large Ancient 2400 BC

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Early Bronze

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why is the Bible so geocentric? (Is it really the word of God?)?

Or just some amusing stories by early bronze age desert nomads shortly after the agricultural revolution of the late neolithic period.

The anthropological origins of Christianity as well as the geographical ignorance in the bible are reason enough to dismiss the validity of Christianity; without even considering scientific and philosophical reasons against belief.

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god told the jew he could have the land of milk and honey. no muslim has a leg to stand on cus god says so. anyone who attempts to besmirch the jew will have the wrath on god upon them. so when your first born is found dead you will know who done it.

Keros: Rethinking the Cycladic Early Bronze Age by Professor Colin Renfrew