Jewish Archaeology

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The Jerusalem Archaeological Park - Davidson Center

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Jewish Archaeology

Frequently Asked Questions...

horrible christian/jewish archeology question?

I wached some discovery/history channel show a year or so ago, they were showing places that jesus would have visited during his life, mainly focusing on the whole baptism evolution.

one of the places was in front of a temple where there were rows of small baths that they had to submerge themselves in completely before entering.

but.. i keep thinking about this.. its just disgusting and horrible... but.. they didnt have toilet paper back then... and i dont remember these pools having drains... so... um...
can anyone explain how these WERENT just baths full of horrible brown dirty water that these people had to dunk themselves into? please tell me my imagination is just wild and that i need to get help. its seriously been bothering me for a while.

but it would go a long way in explaining why they started baptizing people in the river....

Best Answer...


Let me give you a little information on the Jewish ritual of the Mikvah. The mikvah is not a bathtub.

No one may (either then or now) enter the mikvah UNLESS they have first thoroughly cleansed their entire bodies, including under their fingernails, in their ears, even brushed their teeth, and of course completely washed clean their genitals and feet.

So you can relax a little bit now.