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Local Palestine

US Invades Libya. And You Missed It! (Sky - Foreign Matters)

Because I was holidaying in Syria, recently I completely missed the American
invasion of Libya which according to Press TV and Asharq Alawsat newspaper
took place on Jan 21st.

Other staunchly unbaised and reliable media outlets in Venezuela and Russia
also scooped the rest of the world with this momentous news which they
printed without spelling mistakes. That can be difficult when you're typing
through eyes filled with tears of laughter.

I felt somewhat journalistically remiss as I'd also missed the build up of
12,000 US troops in Malta before they launched their devastating Zionist
backed invasion to steal Libya's oil.

I'm less concerned about that as Malta is such a tiny place. They must all
have been miniaturized along with their heavy armour, and housed in secret
underground bunkers, therefore I could be forgiven for missing the exclusive I
would have written up as 'Honey I shrunk The Kits'.

An enterprising local did manage to find some of them and filed this special
report from deep inside Malta's sense of irony. The source of the original
story was Ms Cynthia McKinney, a former US Congresswoman. Her mind appears to
be the stuff that dreams are ...

Sky - Foreign Matters

Settler attacks local Palestinians, Hebron 4th October 2007