Roman Glass

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ROMAN GLASS JAR 1OOAD Very nice size Solid
Roman Glass Janus Head Bottle Eastern Mediterranean 3rd 4th Century AD
Roman Byzantine Period Reproduction Glass Pitcher

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Roman Glass

Frequently Asked Questions...

To Christians?

Why is it that the bulk of Christendom are filled with so much hate, always try to ram their religion down the throat of the Athiests and a total and utter hate for the Moslems, and they hide behind the curtain of "Jesus is love, he died for your sins"

And verses and verses are quated obscurley that does not befit the question, hey guys the Bible is a Eastern Book that is viewed through Greek and Roman glasses, which the West do not understand Eastern metaphors and simmiles, just like in the Old Testament and further in the Gospels.

The masses of Christians mis intrepret and use it against other nations of the world, kill maim, conquer divide and rule, that is the foot print of Christian teaching.

All I see in that religion is pure hate for other nations, before I get all those thumbs down just think about what has happend in the last 2000 years, how much blood has been spilt in the name of Jesus?

Best Answer...


Here's just a small sampling of what he's talking about:

Esther 2:23, 3:13, 7:10, 9:6-10, 9:14-16
Job 1:15-17
Psalms 18:40, 18:47, 21:9, 58:10, 59:11-13, 68:21, 11:4, 118:11-12, 137:9, 140:9-11, 149:6-9
Jeremiah 5:9, 6:4-5, 7:31, 9:16 & 25, 12:12-17, 13:14, 15:6, 16:4-5, 17:27, 21:7, 46:10, 50:28, 52:27

I weep for the fools that believe these are the acts of a loving, merciful god.

Roman Glass