Steatite Scarab

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Steatite Scarab

Frequently Asked Questions...

Christmas presents?

Do you think these are ok things to get my kids for Christmas?
14 year old son: Nintendo Wii, Japanese Samurai sword, and a samurai statue.
10 year old daughter: ipod, kimono, and an Ancient Egyptian Two-Tone Royal Steatite Scarab.
Do you think these are ok?
Also, what are you getting your kids?
My son already has an Xbox. Although he's more into nintendo products(he likes the PS2 and PSP) and has been wanting a Wii ever since it came out. And yes, my daughter loves to listen to music.
Scarabs are VERY hard to replace. And my daughter takes care of her items very well. She has the cleanest room out of all of us(mine and husband, son).

Best Answer...


Excellent ideas! Your kids have great interests.
I recieved a pink and purple kimono from my aunt who lives in Japan for my thirteenth birthday and it's now in a glass case hanging on my wall. My mom is getting me the iPod Touch and a new camera. Some clothes too, since I'm a clothes and electronic person.

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