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The Terra-Cotta Warriors

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do terracotta pots work well for reptile hideaways?

Do terracotta pots from home depot work well as reptile hideaways? Like if I was to drill a hole into them would they work or would they get to hot because of the under tank heater?

Best Answer...


Terracotta pots work very well for reptile hides.

If the water in your tank is heated, it will only get as warm as the water is.

If you check out the dollar store, you will probably find some terracotta pots for much cheaper.

I've never tried drilling into a pot before, but I have smashed bits of it off with a hammer and pliers. I've also just laid the pot on its side and that works well for a hide too.


Archaeologists discover earliest known metal bit (Horse Talk)

The earliest known metal equestrian bit has been unearthed by archaeologists
in Israel. The bit was discovered in an equid burial site at Tel-Haror, and
had probably been used on a donkey. Archaeologists led by Professor Eliezer
Oren, from Ben Gurion University,  made the discovery in a layer of material
dating from 1750 BC to [...]

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