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This is a product assessment for Woven. Many shoppers don"t straightaway think of eBay when it comes to Woven, but in fact eBay is amongst the top three retailers in the nations marketplace. Be amazed with the items you will discover here at Religious Relics.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can i create my own woven bracelet online?

I need one of those bracelets that say like WWJD.. but not Jesus.
We're making one about my teacher as a joke, but i don't want to bracelets to be those crappy rubber ones. I want those good woven ones with a little plastic thing on the end you feed the other end into to tighten it.
I want to order these offline, not make them myself.

Best Answer...


Hey! here is what i found I'll keep looking for more and i will contact you as soon as i do! http://www.ehow.com/how_2133105_striped-woven-friendship-bracelet.html

Prickly Pear - Official Woven Video