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Holy Quran read pen PQ15 word by word voice quran learning pen ramadan gift 8GB
Holy Quran Read Pen Word By Word Voice Quran Learning Pen Perfect Ramadan Gift
Quran Reading Pen Arabic Language Tajweed in Ramadan Gift Box and Bag
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Quran Reading Pen القلم القارئ للقرآن الكريم

Frequently Asked Questions...

what else do i need in my carry-on bag for my flight?

i feel like im missing something!
i have:
my homework
a book to draw/write in
books to read
my ipod touch
my nintendo DS
my nintendo DS games
and thats it :)

the flight is 3 hours in total, but plus the airport waiting time.

what else can i bring?? im going tomorrow, so just basic stuff please :D

Best Answer...


I'd pack some gum. It helps with your ears popping when landing. And I agree with the other person - some snacks. But don't pack anything liquid as you can't take over 4 ounces through security. You can buy a bottle of water after you go through security or wait for the flight attendant to come around with a cup.


Peter D. Rosenstein: Obama: LGBT Civil And Human Rights (Huffington Post)

President Obama can't seem to summon the courage to make what many would
consider the simpler gut choices. These would include his ability to
guarantee, with the stroke of a pen, that there will be no more discrimination
by federal contractors against the LGBT community.

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