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Ismaili Shia Shite Imam Hazrat Ali Mini Quran Or Taweez 1
Shite Shia Islalmic Pendant Metal PP1

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Shia Shite

Biggest Difference Between SHIA ( shite ) and SUNNI (Muslims) - yemen muslims hamtramck islam Allah

Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of paper should I write about Islam and/or Muslims?

for my sociology class we are supposed to write a term paper on a problem in society...I want to write it on Islam and/or Muslims. but I'm not quite sure what to write about. so far I've found some article on people protesting Islam but I can't really find any books on that. so I'm thinking about writing it on Muslim sects (shia, shite, sunni, sufi...) but I'm not quite sure what I should make the topic.
can you think of anything else I could write about Islam? I do not want to write some hate filled essay on Islam, so nothing negative please. maybe some kind of issue going on within the Muslim community?
thank you.
okay people, relax. I choose Islam because I am Muslim and I've always wanted to write a paper on my religion!

Best Answer...


Choose this one instead, choose about the status of women in Islam.

I've written a blog regarding women in Islam, feel free to get sources from there.

"Muslim Women are Oppressed or Protected?"