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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to factorise: a^2 + 2bc -(c^2+2ab)?

I am not too sure about this. The answer is (a-c)(a-2b+c). Any help would be largely appreciated!! Also I am having trouble with this pair of simultaneous equations:

axy+b= (a+c)y and
bxy+a= (b+c)y

I have to solve for x and y. The answer is x= (a+b+c)/a+b and y=(a+b)/c.

Thanks for your time.

Best Answer...


a^2 + 2bc -(c^2+2ab)
= a² + 2bc - c² - 2ab
= a² - c² + 2bc - 2ab
= (a - c)(a + c) - 2b(a - c)
= (a - c)(a + c - 2b )