Arabic Muslims

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Rare Knife Muslim Islamic Omani Khanjar Silver Dagger Middle Eastern Arabic

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Arabic Muslims


Frequently Asked Questions...

only non-arabic muslims answer this please!?

isnt it hard for you all to you know understand the holy quran and all the prophet says since its in arabic and you its not your first language, sometimes i feel like non arabic people dont understand islam like i dooooooooooo lol because i speak arabic and you DONT!! haha!
im not tryin to be rude im just u know feeling special lol thats all
no no admit it no one does it like i do it lol :P
yeah yeah riiiiiiiiight! nothing better than the mather language i read it just like god said it,.it aslo rhyms in arabic i bet it doesnt ryhm in any language im more sepcial lol :P

Best Answer...


needed 2 points! thanx

'Father' and 'Son' Ousted From Trinity in New Bible Translations (crosswalk)

Three major Christian organizations are removing the words "Father" and "Son"
from new Arabic Bible versions because the terms are "offensive to Muslims."