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Where to find Gold

Frequently Asked Questions...

What happened to the gold of all the destroyed great temples of the world?

You think someone some where would know where it went. Because there was tons of it all over the world. The temple in Jerusalem after the city was sacked was it taken to Rome? When Rome was sacked and all the great temples destroyed where did all the gold go from there? Whole sautes of gold were melted down, but where did it go? Then the palaces in Baghdad where did all he gold go from there? It couldn't of just disappeared. Also all the gold missing from Germany after world war II where did it go? Does anyone know?

Best Answer...


I suspect the US federal reserve is setting on tons of it at Fort Knox, and likewise so are many other countries all over the world.It is stored away in huge underground vaults in these countries. I suspect it is intended for emergencies in the event of something very dramatic happening,like major banks being on the verge of bankruptcy,and then and only then do they run to their rescue and bail them out so that next year they can post huge multi-million dollar profits in their quarterly reports.....And as Sonny and Cher once sang....And the beat goes on.