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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is the name Elias recognized more as an Islamic/Arabic name or Hebrew?

I'm having a boy in June...the father is Muslim, I am not. I don't mind him having a Muslim name but his dad has come up with names that are way too strong (Mohammed, Abdul). I like Elias but when I look it up I get all these Hebrew and Greek origins. Do Muslims use this name?

Best Answer...


In the Qur'an, Elijah is the prophet known as إلياس (pronounced Ilyas) in Arabic. So yes, Muslims do use this name but the spelling is usually Ilyas. Although, in my opinion, Elias is pretty close. And it's unique, I only ever met one person with that name in my life :D

Another compromise could be the name "Adam", it works both ways as well.
Good luck, I hope this helped =)