Cast Stone

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Cast Stone

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you know how to stain a cast stone fireplace?

Im a pretty handy do it your self home owner who is not afraid to tackle much. However staining my fireplace is something that I can't undo if i screw it up.

I have a white cast stone fireplace surround that we want to stain with a dark redish/brown stain to give it a real rich Tuscan feel.

I know that Kemco makes concrete stains, however im not sure how to apply it to give that faux look which lits of texture and variations so that it actually looks like an old aged fireplace.

Any ideas?

Best Answer...


i suppose the stone is irregularly shaped, with humps and low places. you ll need a brown stain and a red stain, apply one on first , let it dry, then apply the 2 nd one , but--using a dry cloth wipe off,-- in a circular motion,-- excess stain before it dries, do not wipe in the lower areas, doing this, leaves a red and brown tint , you ll need to experiment on a small area to get the hang of it